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Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Live Game Show – How to Play & Win

Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Live Game Show on Color TV – How to Play & Win Prize – Check Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Promo Here 

Aunty Boli Lagao Boli 2017

A method of seeing the television in Indian households are changing very rapidly and now people are looking for something new trendy apart from old drama shows. The competition is very high in the television industry and every channel is nowadays fighting for good TRP rates. To get more ratings every channel is trying new tactics and this time Colors TV channel is going to introduce new game show “Aunty Boli Lagao Boli” to beat the competition.

The new game show of Colors TV is called Aunty Boli Lagao Boli. The theme of this new game show is very new and unique for the Indian audiences. As the game show ABLB is going to live and users can participate in the Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Game Show from their houses. The prize of the show going to be one brand new car.

Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Live Game Show on Color TV

Play Aunty Boli Lagao Boli and win Car

Okay, Boli in English called bid and the color TVs new show is all about Boli. Where player will bid the lowest and unique amount to win the brand new car. The person who bids the least in “Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Show” would win the car.

How to Play Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Game

The bidder can bid via mobile app and the game will be played live on the Colors TV. The person needs to bid during the Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Show Time and their live bid will be analyzed on the show.

The person who bids with the lowest amount can win brand new and other existing prizes in Aunty Boli Lagao Boli 2017. The person who wins the bid will be announced on the show and his or her picture will be shown on the show. This live reality show is going to next dream fulfiller opportunity for a common middle people.

How to Play Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Game Show

Colors TV Live Game Show – Aunty Boli Lagao Boli

This is the second live TV show introduced by Colors TV after their musical reality show “India’s got a talent”. But this show “Aunty Boli Lagao Boli” is totally different as in this home audiences can win some cool prizes.

Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Prize

Apart from winning the existing prizes on Aunty Boli Lagao Boli, we will see the outrageously funny Aunty. The role of the Aunty on ABLB Color TV Show will be played by Archana Puran Singh. Yep, the laughter Queen will be going to host this unique game show, so you expect lots of fireworks on the show.

Archana Puran Singh was recently seen on Kapil Sharma’s comedy show as guest. But this will her first show for Colors TV, so both she and channel is planning to create something different and successful.

Chase Bid App for Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Show

ChaseBid is a bidding evolution, wrapped up into one intelligent action-packed lowest unique bid competitive Auction game. To participate in this live TV game show viewer need to download the Chasebid app on their Smartphone. By downloading the app user can bid also know as Boli in the show and even the lowest bid can be of 1 paisa.

The link of the ChaseBid app is available for Android, iOS and Windows phone, just visit your app store and download this app to play this first Indian live TV game show. The Aunty Boli Lagao Boli 2017 is a first show of Raj Kundra production house and later has high hopes from the show.

Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Show Date & Time

  1. The show will be going to air on Colors TV only.
  2. Aunty Boli Lagao Boli is a weekend show only will be seen on weekends.
  3. The show will telecast on 24th September 2017.
  4. The timing of the show will be every noon.
  5. Lowest bidder will win a brand new car plus other prizes.
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